Actually,at the beginning of this course I didn’t think this course would be so beneficial for me.But now, I have learnt  lots of things thanks to this course.I have signed up different sites and all of them is very beneficial for language teahing/learning.I have had difficulty in opening my own blog,I have had difficulty in create accounts but,I managed finally.I have learnt how to use computer and internet for language teahing/learning and daily life.I am very glad to have this course. To sum up, this course was the most useful course in this term.So,thank you for everything Sedat teacher.Image

Weebly and Second Life

We talked about weebly and second life.Weebly  is a web-hosting service.Weebly offers a free online website creator.We signed up weebly and we all had a website.Teacher wanted us to collect all of the tasks that we did throughout the term and it is our final task.He showed us about the website and its features.It was enjoyable,because there are lots of things to do in website.After then,we talked about Second Life.Second Life is an online virtual world.Teacher talked about its benefits.You can connect with other people around the world.You can give conference.You can improve your english while you are enjoying it.

Facebook and Twitter

We talked about famous social media sites.Facebook and twitter are the most popular ones.Facebook is an exiciting free social networking website that allows us to register, have an account, upload videos, photos and if it is used for some other reasons, we can give some important links as our status.Another one is twitter; actually the same with facebook but real-time information network that connect us to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting.


A podcast is a type of Podcasting is an audio distribution medium that offers numerous advantages over traditional broadcasting and distribution methods both online and off. Creating a podcast does not take a lot of expensive equipment and allows content creators to potentially reach millions of listeners on a global basis. The content of a podcast is delivered to subscribers via syndicated feeds, allowing users to listen on a Mac or PC as well as many types of portable media players.It has many benefits such as convenience,easy reach,accessibility issues,productivity issues.Podcasting can be valuable to students or employees who want follow up on information or refreshers in order to fully understand lessons or work ideas. Students and employees can learn through various modalities aside from reading. Materials, such as transcripts, must consist of audio or video files in order to be fully accessible. This, as well as editing and uploading high-quality files, can be time-consuming.It is very useful I think.Image


Our subjects were digital storytelling and story jumper.Digital storytelling is a relatively new term which describes the new practice of people who use digital tools to tell their story.We watched some examples of the digital storytelling.Then we learnt new things about it.We can add tape-recording,music,pictures,writing and we can tell a story in digital story.We also learnt about storyjumper.We can prepare story books with pictures and there are lots of things that we can benefit from it.I liked story jumper very much.I think I will use story jumper at my lessons Image

7th WEEK

7th WEEK

We talked about WizIQ which is related to online conferencing. WizIQ is an online learning platform. The site is designed to help students and teachers find each other, and to provide an online virtual classroom learning environment.The WizIQ virtual classroom runs using a Web browser and Adobe Flash. On the site, one can find online tests, tutorials, and recorded classes. WizIQ also serves as a social networking site to bring together educators and students from around the world.It is very useful site for everyone I think.

thougths about this week

We talked about online classes.Online classes are conducted over the internet. They generally use the web to allow communication between teacher and students, and amongst students. Depending on circumstances, classes can be partially or fully online. Some classes lend themselves to this format more than others, and the capabilities of technology continue to change that line.Online Classroom has been helping educators develop and define the world of online teaching and learning.Nicenet is one of the online classroom sites.Teacher told about its features.Nicenet is a non-profit organization providing a free web-based classroom environment called the Internet Classroom Assistant.Online courses typically allow students to work asynchronously, which means that they can complete their coursework at the time and place of their choosing. This is often ideal for working students or single parents who need a flexible schedule. However, students who struggle to be self-motivated may find that they quickly fall behind I think.Image